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At Earlsbridge Dental, located in Brampton (near Hwy 107 and Hurontario St.) we will always try to save an ailing tooth using procedures such as dental fillings, crowns, inlay, onlays or even via root canal therapy. However, in cases when a tooth is too damaged and can’t be repaired, removing the tooth may be strongly recommended in order to avoid compromising your surrounding healthy teeth and gums. Other common reasons for a tooth extraction includes making room for dentures or dental implants, or if it’s an impacted wisdom tooth. 

Before a tooth extraction, we will always investigate all of your options before deciding if it’s the right course of action. This includes a thorough examination of your mouth and a consultation with you to hear your concerns and goals.

At Earlsbridge Dental our main priority is your health, comfort and well being. If you think you have a tooth that requires removal the please don't hesitate to contact our dental office in Brampton to schedule a consultation.


Tooth Extractions in Brampton