Emergency Dental Care Brampton

Emergency Dental Care Brampton

Meet all your dental emergency needs at our one-stop dental office in Brampton

Our skilled Brampton dentists provide immediate attention and services for various dental emergencies with same-day urgent care appointments. We're dedicated to assisting you with whatever dental emergency you may be facing.

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What is considered to be a dental emergency?

If you're encountering any of the following, don't hesitate to get in touch with us immediately:

  • Cracked or Broken Teeth
    A cracked or broken tooth can cause severe pain. Immediate care at our emergency dental office helps prevent further damage, decay, or infection.
  • Severe Toothache
    Consistent, intense tooth pain due to injury or infection demands immediate attention. If it impairs your daily function, visit our office promptly.
  • Knocked Out Tooth
    Getting a knocked-out tooth reattached quickly can help it reattach to the jaw bone. Visit our office within 30 minutes to an hour for optimal chances.
  • Broken or Lost Filling
    Swift repair of a broken or lost filling is essential to prevent sensitivity, pain, and further tooth decay. Visit our dental office for immediate attention.
  • Gum & Mouth Pain
    Sensitive mouth tissue can cause unexpected pain. Whether due to injury or infection, early diagnosis at our office helps alleviate gum pain.
  • Wisdom Tooth Pain
    Wisdom tooth-related pain might signal impaction or infection. Untreated, it can lead to serious oral health issues. Our dentist can provide assistance.
  • Bitten Lip or Tongue
    Minor bites may not require immediate care, but severe injuries or uncontrolled bleeding warrant a visit to our dental office.
  • Jaw Pain
    Consistent jaw pain might indicate Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Timely treatment can prevent chronic pain and other associated issues.

Earlsbridge Dental provide patients with access to immediate and convenient emergency dentistry services with a dentist or dental professional. Earlsbridge Dental makes every attempt to provide emergency patients with same day dental appointments as high priorities.

Contact us at 905-846-6661 for hours and availability.

If you are looking for a dentist in Brampton for Emergency Dental Care please call us at 905-846-6661 or book an appointment online.

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